What Makes Shark Tank so Fun to Watch


You’ve seen the products in stores featuring the phrase, “As seen on Shark Tank.” You’ve likely seen advertisements for the TV show, or maybe you’ve watched the show.

You wouldn’t be alone. This popular ABC TV show was renewed for its 11th season and is watched regularly by millions of people.

Shark Tank is an unscripted, business-focused show that shows entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and products to a panel of self-made investors, also known as the “sharks.”

The “sharks” decide whether they want to offer a business deal, invest, or go into a partnership with the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur then decides if they’re going to take the deal. If the “sharks” aren’t interested or the entrepreneur doesn’t like the offer, then the deal is a bust.

It’s high stakes for all involved since if a “shark” takes a deal, they’re investing their own money.

Here are some more reasons why Shark Tank is fun to watch.

A Chance at the American Dream

We love to watch people strive toward and achieve their dreams. What can be better than seeing an everyday person pitch their idea to investors and have someone agree to fund it! Most people know how hard it is to succeed in business and to get a new idea or product supported. The entrepreneurs who go on the show remind us all of the importance of never giving up on our goals and dreams.

The Opportunity to Watch Drama Unfold

Not all entrepreneurs come away with an investor. Their odds to secure an investor are about 50-50. Sometimes during the pitch or the discussion among the investors, the conversation can get heated and for a good reason.

This is a reality TV show with high-stakes both for the entrepreneur and the investors since their ideas and the “shark’s” money are at play.

Sometimes the drama arises between the “sharks” themselves as they debate the merits of a product or try to win a deal. Exchanges can get heated, and “sharks” have been known to walk off the set in irritation.

Witnessing the Unexpected

There are lots of opportunities for something unexpected to happen while watching this unscripted show. A pitch can suddenly go sideways if a product doesn’t work as expected during a demonstration. A person pitching could have a unique style that doesn’t fit with the investors idea of professionalism.

Inspires Viewers and Gives Them Hope

Shark Tank has helped demystify entrepreneurship for millions of people. Even for viewers who don’t wish to become an entrepreneur, it gives them a better understanding of the process and what people go through to get their product on shelves.

The show also provides viewers a better appreciation for the sacrifices entrepreneurs make and hopefully makes people more supportive of these types of products.

For people who dream of being an entrepreneur, Shark Tank gives them hope. They can learn more about how to pitch, what investors are looking for, and how to prepare their idea. It can also encourage viewers to keep trying for their dreams as they watch others reaching for theirs.

Aaron Ayhan