How to Find Happiness As an Actor


All creative fields come with highs and lows. As an actor, one day you'll be dancing with joy at a glowing review, but feel crushed the next day when you aren't cast for an acting job. It's hard to cope with the extremes that come with acting.

This emotional roller coaster can leave you questioning your life choices and feeling drained and depressed.

While no one feels happy all the time, feeling drained and down most days impacts your creativity, drive, confidence, and general happiness. Your happiness is essential-for your overall life and your career.

If acting or your life has been leaving you emotionally drained, here are strategies and tools you can incorporate to help you cope.

It's Not Always About You

Everyone interacts with the world through their perspective. That's normal. However, this mentality can cause us to take events or actions personally, even when that's not the case.

As an actor, you're passionate about each role you do. Your passion fuels your performance, and this job understandably becomes personal.

When you receive praise and positive recognition, this is great. It feeds your ego and your confidence.

When a review is negative or you aren't cast for a role, this can lead to problems. You might start questioning yourself as an actor or hesitate to audition for roles that might stretch you for fear that you'll "fail."

You may start comparing your career to other actors, causing you to doubt yourself more. During this process, your emotional reserves become low, leaving you drained and down.

Don't let your ego dictate your emotional state or confidence.

Success is more than a glowing review or a particular job. Yes, those things are nice, but you're building an acting career.

You can't control what someone thinks of your performance. You can't fully control whether you get a role. All you can control is how well you perform.

Be the best you can be as an actor. Focus on continuing to grow your skills. Go to auditions prepared, be professional, and give the best you can on that day.

Rejection is an opportunity to learn. Use it to identify additional skills and experiences that will help you grow as an actor, so next time you get the job.

Find Your Why

To combat feeling emotionally drained, take time to identify your reason for acting—your why. Be specific about your purpose and reason for acting, and why you love it. Acting is a hard profession. It takes emotional strength and fortitude.

The good news is that building emotional strength is possible for everyone. It's a skill anyone can develop with practice and effort.

Identifying your reason for acting will help you when you're starting to feel drained or are struggling to deal with rejection. This purpose will help you tap into your genuine love of acting even when things are hard.

Focus on Positives

A negative mindset feeds itself. Negative thoughts can run rampant, impacting your mood, thoughts, and confidence.

Feeling down or negative on occasion is normal. It can sometimes lead to useful observations such as identifying a skill or area of your life you want to improve.

But, don't let it drain you. After feeling the emotion and learning what you need to learn, take time to focus on the positives in your life. They're there!

Consider incorporating a gratitude routine into your daily life. A gratitude routine can help you maintain perspective and avoid becoming overwhelmed by negativity or doubts.

Pick a consistent time of day to spend a few minutes focusing on the good in your life. You can write or list them in a journal or think about what you're grateful for.

It doesn't take long. But, it can help bring you a sense of peace and balance to help you combat when life feels out of control.

Being You Is Important

No matter what you do or what life throws at you, remember you are the only you.

No one else will perform a role as you do or think exactly like you, and that is wonderful. You will bring your unique skills and perspective to each acting job you take. So don't waste your emotional energy comparing yourself to others.

Be You

Give your personal best. Stay focused on why you love acting. Be kind to yourself. Identify your strengths, and keep growing and challenging yourself as an actor. These actions help you build a successful and satisfying career.

Aaron Ayhan