5 Ways to Market Yourself to Casting Directors


The acting industry is competitive. You know it's essential to get your name seen regularly by casting directors to help get acting jobs.

How do you market yourself effectively without being perceived as pushy?

Here are five effective marketing strategies you can use to get noticed by casting directors for television, commercials, and film jobs.

1. Seek Out Networking Opportunities

Find events casting directors will attend. It may be a party, a charity event, or a screening. Networking events can be an excellent opportunity to get to know a casting director as a person and learn more about them.

When networking, be yourself and show a genuine interest in them. Now isn't the time to pitch yourself. It's not a time to ask for a booking. When talking to an industry professional, take a genuine interest in them as a person. You're trying to have a real conversation with them, not to pass out business cards.

Also, when attending events, you'll likely mingle with people who aren't casting directors. Take an interest in them as well including other actors. You never know, they could be close friends with a casting director.

2. Interact With Casting Directors on Social Media

Social media is an effective and easy way to make favorable connections with industry professionals. Find the social media platforms that casting directors hang out on, like Twitter, and follow them.

Don't just read what they post, but engage with them. Reply to their posts on Twitter. Leave a well though out comment on a blog post article. Ask smart questions. To help make connections, keep your comments professional, thoughtful, and on topic.

3. Attend Casting Director Workshops

Some groups, like SAG-AFTRA Foundation, hold casting director workshops. You get to meet and learn from casting directors and improve your auditioning skills. However, these events should never promise you employment as a result of attending the workshop.

4. Send a Postcard or Thank You Card

Have you booked a good job? Consider sending a postcard to casting directors you've made connections with at an audition, workshop, or networking event. This can help remind them that you're currently working. Don't expect to hear back from them, but it's one more way to get your name on their radar.

Did you get a callback or a booking thanks to a casting director? Mail them a handwritten thank you card. Keep your message simple and personalized. But skip cards that have glitter on them. You don't want to leave their mail a mess.

5. Keep Your Social Media Channels Up-to-Date

If you aren't on any social media platforms, you're missing opportunities to make connections. Maintain a website with an up-to-date portfolio and links to your other social media platforms. Start a YouTube channel to showcase your talents as an actor.

Use Twitter to gain followers both within and outside the entertainment industry and make real connections with industry professionals. Post consistently.

Marketing Yourself is an Effective Way to Make Real Connections

Getting work as an actor takes persistence, patience, and consistent marketing. When interacting with casting directors, be yourself—be personable and take an interest in them as a person.

There is a balance between over—contacting casting directors and not putting yourself out there enough. When in doubt, think about what you would like if you were them. Regardless of your marketing strategies, always act professionally. Be courteous, friendly, and polite.

Lastly, be prepared. Have a strong portfolio complete with a current headshot, resume, and demo reel. Keep at it. With patience, networking, and consistency, you can get noticed by casting directors.

Aaron Ayhan